The Story So Far

When the chapel trustees approached the both of us we declined an offer of renting but made our own offer to buy the chapel and the chapel house as a package. An initial offer was made and rejected by the chapel trustees and the properties were put on the open market.

Eighteen months later, after numerous negotiations a purchase price was agreed and our dream of opening a theatre cinema became true. The chapel building, although it had not been used for some years was in good condition, praise for this must be for the upkeep over the former years.

We sourced three different architects and after long discussions and deliberations a local company was chosen, our ideas were visualised on paper for a boutique cinema to sea some 60 audience with an upstairs restaurant. Plans were submitted to Ceredigion council planning department. At the time of writing this article, the planning department and community council backed the scheme 100%.

We both feel passionately that the chapel built in 1877 was completed for people not only to enjoy themselves of an experience of visiting such a fine building but also once again be entertained.

We see Libanus 1877 cinema and restaurant with potential for an independent luxury boutique cinema with varied programme, comfortable seating, sofas and catering for the whole community. The auditorium will be a single screen using two thirds of the ground floor, spacious standard seats, luxury chairs and sofas for couples. Each seat will have its own table for refreshments and movie meals.

We will also install the latest digital projection, 7.1 surround sound and satellite equipment. We will show a mixture of the latest releases, classics and live satellite events and of course ‘back by popular demand’ films.

Disabled access and seating will be provided for.

Grug and myself look forward to welcoming you all once again to Libanus 1877 cinema and restaurant.


One thought on “The Story So Far

  1. Had a truly fabulous meal tonight Pete, far exceeded our expectations, such a long way in such a short time. You have done a fantastic job, so far so good, will try a movie this week. 👍


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