Since 1877, Libanus 1877 has been the hub of the local community of Borth. Libanus 1877 was previously known as the Gerlan Chapel, but since closing its doors it has been transformed into a modern and welcoming boutique cinema and restaurant. Find out how about our journey on our blog called The Story So Far.

Using locally sourced produce, our restaurant menu combines Welsh cuisine at its finest. In our cinema, we also show the latest blockbusters where you can sit back in supreme comfort before or after a meal.

When you come to visit us, you will also see the intricate and fantastic work of our local artist Muriel Delahaye. 

We look forward to welcoming you here soon!

What’s on this week?

To book your tickets, call us on 01970 871042, or send us a message on Facebook @Libanus1877

Jurassic World- Fallen Kingdom (12A)

21/6/2018: 19:30

Show Dogs (PG)

23/6/2018: 14:00

24/6/2018: 14:00

30/6/2018: 11:00AM

1/7/2018: 11:00AM

Book Club (12A)

23/6/2018: 19:30

24/6/2018: 19:30

25/6/2018: 19:30

26/6/2018: 19:30

27/6/2018: 19:30

28/6/2018: 19:30

Oceans 8 (12A)

30/6/2018: 14:00, 19:30

1/7/2018: 14:00, 19:30

2/7/2018: 19:30

3/7/2018: 19:30

4/7/2018: 19:30

5/7/2018: 19:30

Our pricing:

Adults: £8.50

Adults Matinee: £6.50

Children (under 16): £5.00

Pop in to have a look or call us to find out what films we will be showing first, or hit like on our facebook page @Libanus1877.