Muriel Delahaye

Muriel DelaHaye is a figurative painter working in oils on canvas or board. Her paintings have as their setting the beach and the sea, which she can see clearly from her studio window. Expressionist in style, her grey, green palette reflects the often wet shores of Cardigan Bay and the village of Borth where she has lived for over 30 years.

She captures the way people interact with the elements of nature. Vulnerable yet determined, her stylised figures act out their lives for us and we empathise with their situations. The unity and the restriction of her view liberates the vision of her art and by concentrating on that stretch of beach and sea, she creates a unique style which is her own.

Born in Oldham, Lancashire, she trained at Manchester Regional college of Art then moved to the Channel Isles where she lived for 10 years and worked at the Jersey Potteries, situated close to the sea. Returning to Manchester she gained a Teacher’s Certificate and after teaching there for a while, moved to Borth in Mid-Wales where she had spent holidays and where she lives in her ‘sea shaken’ house a few short steps from the beach.



For more information and to purchase the wonderful creations, check out Muriel’s website:  

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