Christmas Day at Libanus 1877

Christmas tree with blue, white and silver baubles.

Christmas menu

Price – 65.00 Adults 40.00 Children (up to 14)

“In keeping with the Christmas tradition this menu is designed to share and will be served family style. All dishes will come out to the centre of your table, pass around the platters of good food & enjoy our warm and welcome setting”

On arrival

Fresh baked bread dusted w sea salt & rosemary complimented with festive scented

Smoky bacon wrapped sausages glazed w honey marmalade

Let the feast begin

Crisp lettuce cups filled with king prawns, flaked cured trout  & cucumber relish

Warm Shredded duck tatin topped w whipped brandied duck livers & grilled plums

Molten welsh camembert w fresh figs, serrano ham & toasted hazelnuts

Take a breather and fresh the palette with

Prosecco sorbet & fresh red currants

Moving into the main course

Turkey breast filled w lemon & sage pulled gammon,pistachio brittle & cranberry port jus

Mini beef encroute: fillet of beef, wild mushroom stuffing encased in puff pastry w rich red wine & thyme jus

Crispy pork belly w cashew caramel & pickled watermelon salsa

Accompanying the main courses will be the following:
Roasted Brussel sprouts, chantenay carrots & sweet red onions
Wilted swiss chard & asparagus with roasted chestnuts
Duck fat & orange roasted midi potatoes

The finale

Dark cherry parfait w Christmas pudding crumb

Brioche bread pudding w bourbon caramel sauce

Baked Alaska mince pies

Welsh cheese w walnut & ginger roast pear

Merry Christmas to all you all, we hope to have made your day special and that you leave us today with the traditional feeling of contentment.

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